Angel Candle | 666 - Reflection

Angel Candle | 666 - Reflection

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6 6 6 Reflection

Sometimes we lose sight of what’s really important to us. If 666 appears frequently in your path someone - either from the physical or spiritual realm, is sending you a sign to enter a phase of reflection and redirection. Your spiritual guides and angels are asking you to pause, take a moment and refocus your attention and energies. The number six symbolises happiness, blessings and good fortune, so try not to overthink everything - good things are on the cards.

Angelite | Angelite is a strong communication stone. It strengthens the connections to your angels and spiritual guides. Angelite represents power, healing, love and protection. 

This stone has a gentle angelic energy that will promote calmness and clarity of the mind - helping you understand the signs and messages being sent from your guides. 


Small 200ml. Burn time: Approx 40+ hours

Large 450ml. Burn time: Approx 80+ hours