Angel Candle | 111 - Intuition

Angel Candle | 111 - Intuition

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1 1 1 Intuition

Your dreams are being manifested. You are attracting success, abundance and prosperity into your life. Angel number 111 indicates that you are on the right path and that the universe has your back. Seeing these numbers frequently is a sign to continue following your intuition and stay  motivated. It also signifies new beginnings and the ability to let go and move forward towards your goals.

Angelite | Angelite is a strong communication stone. It strengthens the connections to your angels and spiritual guides. Angelite represents power, healing, love and protection. 

This stone has a gentle angelic energy that will promote calmness and clarity of the mind - helping you understand the signs and messages being sent from your guides. 


Small 200ml. Burn time: Approx 40+ hours

Large 450ml. Burn time: Approx 80+ hours