The Classic Cleanse Kit - White Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite

The Classic Cleanse Kit - White Sage, Palo Santo & Selenite

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White Sage Burning white sage helps deflect and repel negative energies & vibrations within your physical space, object or person. It can improve your memory and focus, along with easing insomnia and fatigue. White sage is known to improve air quality after cleansing.


Palo Santo Burning Palo Santo will welcome creativity, love and good fortune into your space. It can help brighten energy and promote feelings of positivity and joy. The scent is also said to reduce stress and anxiety and enhance clarity and concentration - Perfect for cleansing your workspace! 


Selenite is a crucial crystal when it comes to cleansing your home or office space. It enhances clarity, focus and creates calm. This crystal helps banish impurities of the mind - Including negative thoughts, negative memories, mental blockages, and can even help with promoting peaceful sleeping patterns. Selenite is a soft mineral and should be kept dry - it will dissolve in water.


Our ‘Classic Kits’ come in cotton drawstring bags with full instructions & tips 🤍



Our White Sage is sourced directly from Southeast California by our Australian supplier. The sage is sustainably harvested in compliance with California Penal Code CA PC384(a).

All of our Palo Santo is sourced by the same Australian supplier, from Peru. Our manufacturers ensure this holy wood is treated with respect and per required practice only uses naturally fallen trees that have been lying peacefully for between 4-10 years. Every fallen tree that is taken, is replaced with a seedling working towards continuously restoring the palo santo population.